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Williamsville Interviews

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Williamsville Interviews

Sarah Benner - Williamsville

This interview details the formation of the Williamsville Community Foundation and its relationship to the Williamsville Historical Library Museum, as well as the boxcars in which it was housed. Sarah Ann describes her work, including the most fulfilling and challenging aspects she experienced over the years. Sarah Ann has worked closely in all aspects of the history of Williamsville Historical Library Museum, from its conception in 1989, through its growth and finally to its merger into the Williamsville Public Library and Museum in 2013.

Charles Curry - Williamsville

Charles Curry, the long-time owner of 'Curry's Market' in Williamsville, Illinois, reminisces about growing up in the Williamsville community during the Great Depression and World War II years. He began working in the town's downtown markets when he was eleven years old, and later owned Curry's Market from 1963 to 1979. His grocery store was the last of an era of small 'mom-and-pop' stores to inhabit downtown Williamsville. It closed up shop in 1979 with the advent of 24-hour, big-box, super-stores in larger cities nearby.

Clarence Leroy 'Lee' Miller - Williamsville

This interview details Lee’s life growing up in Williamsville and his extensive community involvement, including his reflection as president of the Village of Williamsville and president of Williams Township.

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