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Internships are offered in a variety of departments at ALPLM.

Interested in transcribing oral histories or creating primary source-based content for students or educators? Perhaps you prefer to develop marketing strategies, work hands-on in our artifact and archive collection areas, or teach a child the art of the "hoop and stick"? Maybe you just want to learn more about the ins-and-outs of life in a presidential library and museum? Regardless of your interest, we have an internship for you!

The ALPLM offers exciting internship opportunities for emerging professionals in the fields of history, library science, marketing, exhibit design, theater, education, and more. Interns engage in a wide range of projects and activities either behind the scenes or on the front lines. We offer two different types of internships based on your area of expertise, interests, skills, and academic level. Interns either take part in a job-shadowing internship, observing and participating in the day-to-day life of museum professionals, or engage in a more intense, project-based opportunity where they contribute content, ideas, or materials utilized throughout our facility for years to come.

The ALPLM is a globally recognized institution specializing in the preservation and cultivation of Illinois history and Abraham Lincoln scholarship. As a distinguished presidential library and museum, the experiences, references, and contacts gained through your internship will positively impact your developing career. Undergraduate and Graduate students looking for a unique and rewarding academic experience at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library or Museum are encouraged to apply.


Candidates must be currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate students, recent graduates, or young professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and experience within the fields of history, library science, marketing, exhibit design, theater, museum studies, and museum or classroom education. Students or graduates in comparable and related fields may also apply. ALPLM staff review all intern submissions and interview those whose qualifications and interests match our current internship needs and opportunities.


At this time, ALPLM internships are unpaid. That said, all interns receive the following: free, secure parking in our garage, free admission to any ALPLM theater performance, access to book signings and events with prior Box Office Manager approval, development opportunities, behind the scenes tours, interaction with other library and museum departments, and options to learn more about ALPLM’s programs and careers. ALPLM staff also work with interns who successfully complete the internship to provide references and assistance for updating their resume.

Housing is not provided for internships, however, the Education Department maintains a list of available housing in the area.

Academic Credit

The ALPLM works with interns and universities to ensure students receive relevant academic credit, where required. Supervisors will work with interns to determine workload, expectations, and training opportunities in coordination with academic advisors, professors, and/or department chairs. Please check with your advisor or department chair to inquire about your school’s requirements prior to submitting your application to ALPLM.


Internships typically occur during school terms (Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters). Inters work with their supervisors to create reasonable work schedules based on availability and project requirements. Interns are required to work at least three full days a week unless otherwise approved by their supervisor and the intern program coordinator.

Application Periods

Applications are accepted for the current internship openings listed below. While most internships last for the duration of one academic semester, some fall outside that scope and are considered Special Projects. These Special Projects may be shorter or longer than one academic semester.

Current Internship Openings 

We do not currently have any internship openings for Fall 2020; please check back for the Spring announcements in November.

Application Procedure

Please submit the following materials in your application package:

  • Completed and signed Internship Application Form
    • Completed form must include your advisor's signature.
  • Resume
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
  • All college transcripts (photocopies and unofficial transcripts accepted)
  • Letter demonstrating your interest and qualifications for the program; includes, at minimum:
    • Your personal goals
    • Your expectations of the internship experience
    • How the internship relates to your career plans
    • What you believe you can contribute to the Museum and/or Library
    • Any relevant special interests and abilities
    • Your availability (range of dates, days each week, and number of hours per day)
  • If seeking academic credit, please provide your school’s requirements for the program and your advisor's name and contact information
  • Any additional materials requested in the specific internship description

Please email your completed application packets to, using the subject line “Internship Application.” 


All current and future ALPLM vacancies are posted on  Interested candidates should review and follow the application process described on each posting.  The ALPLM will not accept unsolicited applications.  

State Employment Application (CMS100)

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